The Romaunt of the Rose
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1125   Sich lyght sprang oute of the stone,
1126   That Richesse wondir bright shone,
1127   Bothe hir heed, and all hir face,
1128   And eke aboute hir al the place.
1129   Dame Richesse on hir honde gan lede
1130   A yong man full of pmelyhede,
1131   That she best loved of ony thing;
1132   His lust was mych in housholding.
1133   In clothyng was he ful fetys,
1134   And loved to have well hors of prys.
1135   He wende to have reproved be
1136   Of theft or moordre, if that he
1137   Hadde in his stable an hakeney.
1138   And therfore he desired Ay
1139   To be aqueynted with Richesse;
1140   ffor all his purpos, as I gesse,
1141   Was forto make gret dispense,
1142   Withoute wernyng of diffence.
1143   And Richesse myght it wel sustene,
1144   And hir dispence well mayntene,
1145   And hym alwey sich plente sende
1146   Of gold and silver forto dispende
1147   Withoute lakke or daunger,
1148   As it were poured in a garner.